The Need for Fundraising

It would be wonderful if libraries had all the money they needed to operate and to be innovative; however, the reality is that many public libraries struggle to balance their budgets and to keep up with the rising costs of materials, staff and technology.  The East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) is no exception to this…
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Crockpot Cooking

If you are like me, cooking a good meal is something I do not have the time to do on a regular basis.  So, I rely on my crockpot a lot.  I love the ease of putting ingredients together in a pot and the flavors melding together and simmering into a delicious meal. To get…
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Coming Soon at ELPL

As the final items of the building renovation are being put in place, the East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) is launching a new website and catalog.  In March, ELPL users will see an updated website and catalog that is a cross between Pinterest and Amazon.  It is visually appealing and fun to navigate.  You will…
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