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Review written by: Courtney

I think this book was one of the best of the maximum ride series so far. There were lots of surprising twists in the plot and it was very funny. In this book, there is a person named Mr. Chu who is trying to convince Max and the flock to stop the CSM, a program to raise awareness of global warming because he is hiding something and the CSM puts him at risk of being found out. They invent a new type of robot to try to stop the flock. If you like action, you would probably like this series.

By Author/Artist: James Patterson
Format: Hardcover Book
ISBN: 9780316002899

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Review written by: Fadzai

I liked the book it was hilairious, I actually finished it in one day, it was that good! I loved the whole thing. I think the drawings were also amazing! they're also very creative.

By Author/Artist: Jeff Kinney
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780810993136

New Moon

Review written by: Caroline Croom

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are officially together. But Edward wants Bella to live a normal life and leaves her. She feels horrid and starts hanging out with Jaccob Black to feel better. The agony not only gets to Bella, but to Edward as well. Alice Cullen - Edward's sister - sees Edward showing himself to humans in Italy. Bella and Alice hurry to Italy to prevent him from stepping into the sunlight, which they do. Here's another problem - the Voultri, an old vampire group that enforces vapire rules, steps in. This sets new problems for Bella and the Cullens How it ends, I'm not telling. But this is one fantastic book from motorcycles to cliff diving to painful love. I personally was on Team Jaccob for most of this book in particular. I thought it was really nice of Jake to hang out with Bella when Edward was gone so that it wasn't as alone. Anyone reading this, I believe the Twilight Sega is NOT stupid and just full of romance. It is also full of action, friendship, trust, and much more that you are going to have to read about.

By Author/Artist: Stephine Meyer
Format: hard cover
ISBN: 9780316024969

Dovey Coe

Review written by: Christina Nickson

I really enjoyed reading this book. The author did a very good job of detail, I felt as though I was in the main character's shoes. This story had Heart,Romance,Mystery and really makes you change you mind about people you Hate. This is all coming from a girl who's only finished two other books for pleasure reading, and those two books are from the Diary of a Wimpy kid series. Now normally I pick up a book I really want to read, then I'd read the first three chapters and not like it. But there is something different about this one that made me want to keep reading. All the time I read this book I felt as though I was in the story and never want to put the book down. When that happens to you that means that it has to be a good, no great book and it is. So if you were to pick a book to read I would highly recommend that you pick "Dovey Coe."

By Author/Artist: Frances O'Roark Dowell
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0689831749

Pendragon: Merchant of Death

Review written by: Fadzai J.

When I first started this series it was when I was in 5th grade, and in the fall I will be heading on to 7th grade. I've read the first seven of his series, and so far they have been an absolute blast in my life! I'm just waiting to find the 8th book and from then on I could keep reading the books. But in all, I think Mr. MacHale is a very creative and open-minded writer.

By Author/Artist: D. J. MacHale
Format: Paperback Book
ISBN: 9781416936251

The City of Ember

Review written by: Kevin Sweitzer

This is my favorite book in the whole wide world. It portarys a world where there is a huge problem and people have to solve it as a matter of life and death...

By Author/Artist: Jean DuPraw
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0375822739

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Review written by: Bree

This book is about a boy whose parents were killed by an evil wizard, and the boy, Harry Potter was magnificently not killed. Soon enough he ends up on his aunts door step. Then when harry was 11 years old he was accepted to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry and Harry also finds out he is a wizard. When harry is at Hogwarts he finds that a sorcerers stone might kill everyone without Harry's help. I really liked this book because there's a lot of adventure and its really exciting so I encourage anyone who likes adventure and action to read this book.

By Author/Artist: J.K Rowling
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0590353403

Caps For Sale

Review written by: Kevin Sweitzer

This book shows the process of role modeling. Best for preschoolers...

By Author/Artist: Esphyr Slobodkina
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 020109147X

Warriors: Outcast

Review written by: Kevin Sweitzer

This book is another exciting excellent book in the warriors series...

By Author/Artist: Erin Hunter
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0060892080

The Giver

Review written by: Kevin Sweitzer

This book is very mysterious it portrays a world where nothing is known for sure...

By Author/Artist: Lois Lory
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0395645662

Killing Rommel

Review written by: Eric

"Killing Rommel" is the fictitious account of a mission to assassinate the famous general during the early years of World War Two. It's protagonist is a young officer in the British tank corps, who is temporarily assigned to the the elite Long Range Desert Group. The novel is told in the first person, but I was so immersed in Pressfield's writing that I occasionally forgot that it was fiction. He has great attention to detail, and each of his characters has a distinctive voice. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in novels about WWII.

By Author/Artist: Steven Pressfield
Format: Book
ISBN: 9780385519700