Superman: Peace on Earth

Review written by: Eric

One of the great things about superheroes is that they give us an escape from the mundane problems facing the world, presenting us with fantastical, and therefore safe, problems and threats. Yet every so often a superhero will tackle a real-world problem, to show the complexities of the issue and why they couldn’t really do anything about it, if they were real. One such story is Superman: Peace on Earth. Written by accomplished comics and TV author Paul Dini, and gorgeously illustrated by Alex Ross, it shows Superman confronting the very real problem of world hunger. His solution is to use his powers to deliver food to all the areas of the world that need it. During his labors, he is met at various times with thanks, suspicion, or anger. It is on his last delivery that he is confronted with the worst response. A military warlord threatens to kill the people of a village rather than let Superman give them the food. It is after this conflict that he realizes that world hunger is a problem that a superhero cannot solve, that it is something humanity has to work out itself. While Superman does use some Biblical quotes to get his point across, the work as a whole is not in any way preachy. Dini’s writing is evocative and emotional, while at the same time economic, taking up very little of the panel space, which gives the lush paintings of Alex Ross room to shine. Ross has a very photorealistic style, bringing the events of the book vividly to life. The story is also part of a series, with other books starring Wonder Woman, Batman, and my favorite, Captain Marvel (also known as Shazam). They are all worth reading.


By Author/Artist: Paul Dini & Alex Ross
Format: Book