Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment

Review written by: mba11

We got this as an audio book during a recent road trip & it was quite captivating! So much so, that I've continued on with the whole series. It's a great hit for the author - venturing into the YA audience. So, it's narrated by Max, a 14 y.o. girl, who is taking care of her `flock', or family of `bird-kids'. She's in charge of Angel, the youngest, (6 y.o.) & her brother known as "Gassie" (8 y.o.), Nudge (11 y.o.), Iggy & Fang, also both 14. They were all `science experiments' in that they received bird DNA by evil scientists. Altho' 1 `white coat' (as they call them) was good: Jeb. He helped them escape from "The School" & lived with them in seclusion in the CO mountains, until 1 day he mysteriously disappeared. So, they've been surviving on their own for 2 yrs. Until, 1 day, `Erasers' appear & kidnap Angel. Erasers are 1/2-wolf, 1/2 human hybrid bad guys. & the story continues how they make a plan to rescue Angel & how that all unfolds. Overall, very exciting stuff! 

By Author/Artist: James Patterson
Format: audio book
ISBN: 9781419338441