To Kill a Mockingbird

Review written by: Ashlynn Belise

To Kill a Mockingbird takes on many themes of society in the past that are still relevant now. One major theme of the story is dealing with race and treatment of individuals. Atticus Finch takes on the responsibility defending Tom Robinson, a black man, in a case of rape. When this book was set in the south, while there was still very high racial tension and discrimination against african americans. when Atticus took on this case he knew the repercussions that would come from defending a black man. Many people no longer supported Atticus and thought he was making a big mistake. In this book, his children learned a lot about accepting people for who they are and not judging a book by its cover. The message the reader takes away is to view all sides of a story accurately and without an opinion before forming one of your own.

By Author/Artist: Harper Lee
Format: Paperback book