Why is the library too hot, too cold, too humid or too stuffy?

Temperate control in any public building is difficult to determine and sometimes difficult to adjust.  The East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) faces both of these difficulties in regulating the building temperature.  The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) does not regulate building temperature but instead recommends that "temperature control (be) in the range of 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit."  Due to the number of patrons and staff in our building at any given time, the library strives to set the building temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Why does the library allow checkouts on the newest issues of magazines?

I can answer this question with one word.  Funds.  Specifically the lack of them.  But this is an important question so let me elaborate.

Can I renew overdue books online?

Yes you can!  When you renew overdue materials any applicable overdue charges are added to your account.  Billed items are not eligible for renewal; they must be returned to the Library.

Is it possible to reserve a book online?

Yes.  Reserves, or holds, can be placed on any circulating item the library owns.  If the item is currently checked out your name will be placed in the queue for that item.  When you name is first in the queue the item will be placed on the hold shelf for you.  If the item is not checked out it will be pulled from the shelf and placed on the hold shelf for you.  Items remain on the hold shelf for 7 days.  After the seventh day they will move to the next person in the hold queue or they will be returned to the shelf. 

if the book is new when you look it up insted of saying where it will be found say new book shelves.

We do change our web catalog to tell you if a book is on the New Book Shelves or on the regular shelves. However, while our cataloging staff work very hard to make sure every entry in our catalog is correct, if you use our system frequently you will almost certainly come across some errors. If you can't find a book where the catalog says it should be, talk to a Reference Librarian. They can help you find the item and they can make sure that the catalog is corrected.

I can't figure out how to find a copy of the books I have taken out and the ones I have on reserve. When I go to my account there is no button to do this. What's up?

To see a list of the books you have checked out, you must first "Opt In" to the Reading History feature available in your account. After you log in, you should see a link on the left of the page labeled Reading History.  Click that button. Once you do so, you will either see a list of titles and a button labeled Opt Out or no titles and an Opt In button.

How much does it cost to check out a book on CD?

Books on CD are now free and circulate for two weeks.  Visit our Circulation policy page to see a complete listing of checkout periods for different items.

On my "hold" list I noted that you can "cancel" the hold as well as "freeze" it. Would you explain how the "freeze" process works?

Freezing holds allows you to keep your name on the hold list but prevents your hold from becoming active when you are unable to pick it up. If you are number 2 out of 12 holds and you are about to go on vacation, freezing your hold would keep you at spot number two until you come back. Canceling a hold means that your name is permanently taken off the hold list.

How many times can you renew a book online?

Books can be renewed 2 times. If there is a hold on an item you will not be allowed to renew it. You are entitled to the same number of renewals regardless of whether they are self renewals done online, or staff renewals done in person or over the phone.  Here's some more information about renewals that might be helpful.