What Does it Mean to be Transgender? A discussion about Gender Dysphoria and the Gender Spectrum

Library Meeting Room

East Lansing Public Library Event

Wednesday, January 29, 2014   7:00-8:30 

What Does it Mean to be Transgender? A discussion about Gender Dysphoria and the Gender Spectrum

Screening of the video: "Sexuality & Gender 101"

Followed by Discussion/Presentation; the presentation will include a look at various points along the spectrum of Gender Variance. It will begin with a brief video, Sexuality & Gender 101.  Then, Jennifer Grzegorek, Ph.D., Deanna Hurlbert, MPA, MA, and Cadence Custin will discuss what "gender identity" means and why it's so important. Topics for discussion include  What is Gender;  Identity vs. biology; "Typical" vs. "Normal"; Challenges faced by gender non-conforming folks;  Medical condition vs. Mental Health issue; Safe schools for gender variant students; and How to support gender variant kids and adults. Book recommendations and Q&A to follow.

Jen Grzegorek, Ph.D.  is a licensed psychologist who received her doctorate from Pennsylvania State University in 2002.  She has worked as a staff psychologist at MSU's Counseling Center since 2004.  In addition to providing clinical and consultative services to the MSU community, Jen is a member of MSU's interdisciplinary integrated mental health and transgender health teams.  She has researched, published, and presented nationally on sexual orientation and transgender mental health issues.  She is known in the greater Lansing area and across the region for her expertise in transgender mental health and is often asked to provide trainings for physicians, medical students, psychologists, faculty/staff, and counseling trainees.  in addition to her work at MSU, Jen also maintains a  private practice in East Lansing.

Deanna Hurlbert, MPA, MA is Director of the LGBT Resource Center at Michigan State University.  Dee develops and implements educational support programs to enhance student learning and wellness and serves as a diversity and multiculturalism consultant in the University community.  She has served as a domestic and sexual violence survivor advocate and program coordinator and has professional experience in crisis intervention counseling.  She worked as a public health training consultant for 15 years and has extensive experience as a presenter in the areas of HIV/AIDS, sexuality, domestic and sexual violence and substance abuse.  Dee is a proud Spartan alumni who earned her BS in Family and Community Services and a Certificate in Women's Studies here at MSU.  She has also earned her MA from WMU in Public Administration and Education.

Cadence Custin is a transwoman who received her BA of Music Industry from James Madison University in Virginia and presently attends Michigan State University College of Law.  Cadence is the Vice President of Communications for the Triangle Bar Association, an MSU law student organization dedicated to advancing the interest of, and educating the public about, the LGBTQAI world.  Cadence hopes to work in the field of human rights law, particularly those issues that affect the trans*community.